The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) is a national organization that provides information resources, professional development, advocacy, and networking opportunities for people working in education technology. CoSN is specifically designed for those interested in expanding their skills as a leader within their school/school district and who wish to connect with others in the education technology field in both the areas of administration and instruction.

CoSN provides an opportunity for states to organize and provide a framework around using the organization’s resources effectively and to build capacity within a state for education technology professionals to connect and learn from each other. Minnesota has received approval from the CoSN Board to establish a Minnesota CoSN Chapter.dfg

Minnesota Chapter


Advocate and provide for professional development opportunities for education technology coordinators, administrators, and other interested educators in Minnesota.

  1. Provide a community of practice and personal learning network for Minnesota education technology coordinators and other interested educators.
  2. Support education technology leaders in providing visionary leadership, sound research, and best practices resources to assist them in their daily work.
  3. Leverage the capacity of Minnesota education technology leaders to grow professionally, mentor others in the field, and build a cadre of expertise that can benefit all Minnesota schools.

Mary Mehsikomer, CETL, Technology Integration Development and Outreach Facilitator, Sourcewell Technology, 651-999-6510,